How to stop procrastinating in times of quarantine?

Rodrigo Martínez Being quarantined, locked up, home office and with a lot of distractions (like the refrigerator) are triggers for procrastination (it is a bad word that means “stop doing”) I have to confess that these last 4 weeks (I feel like it’s already 8, in dog years) I have left behind a bit of my super morning routine. The alarm clock rings at 5 and I turn it off, why not sleep for a couple more hours? Suddenly it is 8 in the morning and I have to prepare for the morning meeting with my team. I think, well tomorrow will be another day to meditate and do exercise. That happened on Monday and I realized that I was sending everything for tomorrow … that morning is Thursday. Tomorrow does not exist yet. I know this is not just happening to me. Last weekend, talking and playing Mario Kart with my friends remotely, they confessed that exactly the same thing is happening to them. I am aware that this week should change. With more than it cost me work, I had to respect the schedules and habits that I had before quarantine. Simply adapt them to reality. Today is Tuesday and I am writing this blog for all those who are saying, “I understand you, Ro” and for those who are told by his internal voice, “You have to stop.” I don’t know if I have the perfect solution, but these tips can help you get your routine back or improve it. First, the cell phone is charged in the bathroom or in the room closest to it. The alarm clock rings, and you have to run to turn off the alarm. Lock yourself in that room and turn on the light. It is a signal to your body, telling them, “hey stop producing melatonin and wake up now” out of nowhere your pupils dilate and you are ready not to go back to bed. In fact, I recommend you lay it out immediately. Second, have your favorite drink. Most would have coffee. I have a green tea with lemon and ginger. Enjoy it and give thanks for the incredible morning. While you take it, you can change to your sports outfit to start doing that routine of burpees, squats and abs that you saw last afternoon on YouTube. Ready for what’s next? Eat breakfast, bathe and look handsome like any other day. Listen to a bit of that audiobook that has you stung and ready to start collaborating with your team by Zoom. Do you have a journal? If you do not have it, ask Amazon “The 5 second Journal” for a way to keep your day to day and keep a checklist of your day to day. Meet all the points. Put on a pair of Noise Canceling headphones, lo-fi music without vocals and focus. You will see that your afternoons are much more productive. Find a space to be alone. I know you can live with roomies, couples, family, children, dog. Find a space where you can be for an hour or two. Are you about to end your day? Are you going to watch the news so that your brain fills with anxiety? I suggest that you only read the headlines of the news. Download “Google news” and take a look, just don’t get stuck on all the news. What we want is for you to have a peaceful mind and ready to rest. He decides not to see any kind of screens after 8 at night. Dinner talking, reading or listening to your favorite music. Take a bath, relax, lie down and relax. You are ready to mark one more day in this quarantine, which I promise will happen, like everything. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram