What are the functions of the marketing department?

The importance of the marketing department Imagine what a company would be like without a team in charge of satisfying the client’s requirements and needs. Without a doubt, obtaining profits would not be the same. Therefore, the marketing or marketing department has as its task the communication of the value of a product, service or brand towards a certain segment of the public to direct the fulfillment of a final objective: to promote or sell that product, service or brand. Nowadays, that business that has a marketing department (whether internal or external) has the possibility to innovate. You will get the benefit of creating new names and trademarks, as well as planning new presentations of the products or services. This department is the only one capable of gathering data, factors and facts that influence the market to create what the consumer needs with research; They can even support the production department to determine if the product is eliminated or modified according to the needs observed in the consumers. For these reasons, the existence of a marketing team is vital from the birth of a company and during its expansion to other markets, because it allows evaluating the possibilities of the company, as well as helping to create policies for the products. It is true that this task, in many cases, is subject to two or more areas, apart from marketing, such as the commercial area; or, functions are usually divided into several departments that include marketing, communication and advertising. Everything depends on the needs of the company. In some companies there is only one of these departments, but in others, especially larger ones, the work can be more complex and, therefore, there must be totally different departments to avoid complications with the handling of information. But in the end, all areas collaborate to get more sales and better serve customers. Facebook Instagram YouTube COLDWELL BANKER MÉXICO