• It features extra amenities to foster a healthy and collective community by determining your income, expenses, and variable payments.
  • Millennials and centennials are the ones showing the greatest inclination toward this trend.

Currently, people are no longer just concerned about buying or renting any apartment; instead, they are looking for a design that meets all their expectations – that extra something that can provide and ensure a better quality of life within the same place. A multifunctional home that fulfills all your desires? Not exactly. We’re talking about sharing, but what is it, and why will it enhance your well-being? Let us share more about this concept.

Sharing is a new trend among Real Estate Developers that is gaining ground in our country. It involves creating shared spaces for all residents, along with extra amenities to promote a healthy and collective community living. Among the main amenities sought by those looking for these properties are a pool, cafeteria, gym, event hall, pet area, playground, coworking space, steam room, showers, green areas, playroom, spa, and yoga studio.

While the shared model has been very popular in rental applications like Airbnb, it is gaining strength in real estate with the design of buildings that embody the idea of sharing extra services. Users wouldn’t have to pay separately for these services; they would have them all in one place, which is where its relevance lies.

Millennials and centennials are the ones showing the greatest inclination toward this trend. In addition to seeking independence, whether alone or with roommates, they are interested in engaging in various daily activities and interacting with more neighbors without having to travel long distances from their homes. Above all, they want to share maintenance costs; in other words, convenience in one place.

In addition, the youth is also looking for homes that align with their lifestyle values, such as a greater concern for the environment. The extra resources offered by sharing help reduce the carbon footprint by avoiding the need to travel for any of the activities included in the amenities offered by this real estate trend.

This type of shared living, and collaborative economy in general, is expected to continue to have a special boom and will bring about a change in lifestyle, impacting how users relate to each other and their community.

Now that you know what sharing is, its advantages, and why it has been gaining ground in the real estate world, it’s important to approach professionals if you want to enjoy this lifestyle. Remember that at Coldwell Banker Mexico, we are here to help you find the option that best suits your preferences and needs, providing support throughout the entire process.


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