The importance of the real estate sector in the economy of Mexico is so great, that it manages to contribute 11.1% of the Gross Domestic Product; It is in this 2021 is when we will see with more firm some changes in this important sector. The Real Estate Industry showed resilience despite the complex scenario of 2020, however with great learning and with the challenge of leaving the comfort zone and where technology was the main communication tool. To promote an area of ​​opportunity in the real estate sector, several Financing Institutions are uniting and this 2021 will not be the exception, and so that during the second semester they are reflected, it is necessary to generate credits and financing that allow growth to be achieved. The media and digital devices play an important role in getting closer to our customers, that is why we must take into account that this 2021 digitization must be greater, and after the “home office”, the mobility of people is greater and It has the advantage of residing in other places and going to Mexico City from time to time to check pending, it makes the costs of homes, premises and offices, an important factor for those who are interested in acquiring or renting. With all this, a feeling of positivism is observed within the growth of the housing industry. People who know the sector are projecting growth of 20% throughout 2021. A new opportunity to recover in some subsectors and in the real estate sector to maintain or grow. *** 

Entrevista de Alejandro López Macias de Estudio de Contar, agencia de estudios e inteligencia de mercados, al medio NotiPress. https://notipress.mx/negocios/cual-es-el-panorama-del-sector-inmobiliario-en-mexico-tras-la-pandemia-6714 

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