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Life is full of stories, what is yours now?

Rodrigo Martínez I want to start by recommending a book on which I am drawing to write this blog. “The Storyteller’s Secret” by Carmine Gallo is a jewel for those who think that nobody can tell a story if they don’t have a literary background or a career in communication. Are you thinking of moving and buying a new house? I am imagining at this moment all the thoughts that go through your mind. Where do I start ?, Who can help me ?, Is there no time ?, Do you feel identified with any? Only one is enough to continue reading the rest of the blog. Changing the way we live our situations can make our life interesting. The moments must be full of good emotions and more if you involve the people you love. Start by changing the focus, and see the move as a new chapter in your story. The process from making the decision, getting to the Coldwell Banker website and looking for the apartment that will be your new home should be as exciting as a trip to Paris. Involve your emotions, document on video and receive comments from your acquaintances on social networks. It starts to look fun, right? This is just the beginning. Creating stories does not cost and it is only necessary to let us experience the experiences and connect with the emotions that are emerging. These stories will become moments and memories that will mark your life and form new experiences. Coldwell Banker realtors and agents are committed to making your story an unforgettable memory. During the last 100 years we have participated in millions of stories of new homes and family moments. Let us in and let’s start writing this new chapter of your life. I am sure it will be an experience that you will not regret. Enter our website at, search for several properties and contact the advisors without leaving the page so they can contact you and begin to know you to make your new home the space where you will be filled with memories by Next years. Comment on our social media Follow us on Facebook & Instagram