Alejandro Blé Maldonado I Marketing Manager It is mainly aimed at families living in conditions of housing backwardness, high index of marginalization, people with disabilities, native populations and for anyone who meets the requirements. The National Housing Commission (Conavi), created in July 2001, through the Social Housing Program, is responsible for this, and if you meet the requirements you can have access to the subsidy they grant. With the CONAVI 2021 subsidy, you can not only buy a house or make use of that money to remodel, you can even use it to pay for your basic services. The aid granted by the authorities can vary according to the salary and the total amount of the house, and ranges from $ 40,000.00 to $ 70,000.00, as long as they receive income below 12,000 pesos. Something that must be taken into account is that the value of the house to be acquired, whether new or used, must be below 545 thousand pesos. The way in which the support is delivered is through a deposit to the beneficiary’s account and it can be in 2 or 3 exhibitions. As it is a subsidy, the applicant will not pay it. To obtain these benefits, you must be over 18 years old, have not been a beneficiary of this subsidy to improve your home in previous years, you must have saved the equivalent of $ 12,250 pesos, not be the owner of any other house or apartment, not have processed a housing subsidy, that your income is not greater than 12,000 pesos and you will previously need a credit approved with Infonavit, Fovissste, Issfam, or some other institution endorsed by the National Housing Commission. To register it is necessary to contact 55 9138 9991 (Option 1) or the toll-free number 800 288 0436 so that according to each procedure, they give you clear information, you must also submit the previously filled application and meet the established requirements that you can check in If you want to know more about the benefits granted by the National Housing Commission (Conavi), contact certified advisers, who will be happy to guide you. *** Source: Visit our site to learn more about our properties Also check our blog for more articles About Coldwell Banker México: Master real estate franchise in Mexico, focused on creating leaders in the real estate brokerage sector. With independent operation offices that support and advise the interested party in the purchase, sale or rental of properties in Mexico. Follow us on Facebook Instagram YouTube