1 Simple Question You Can Ask Your Referral Sources

I wish that getting referral sources and getting lots of referrals from them was as simple as just creating a relationship. Unfortunately it is not and it is why most people only ever get 1 or 2 referrals a month and not the 10-15 they would like. The problem actually starts with your thinking and the relationship you keep with your referral partners. I hear all the time, the fears people have with asking their referral sources to do things for them, to promote them and to help them. We talk all the time about the 4 simple steps to getting a referral partner / a referral source 

Identify who they are 

Ask them 

Have a conversation to ensure there is a good fit 

Create an action plan with them The Action plan is key, otherwise you are just two people looking out for one another and nothing great ever happening. Here is a simple question that can ensure you create more action plans and you get your referral sources helping promote you. “What can I do for you this week to promote you” That simple question will mean that your referral partners will also ask you the same question and actions plans can be created. Without action nothing great happens! Comment on our social media Follow us on Facebook & Instagram