Your family is gowing?, your home must too!

This is a question I ask most of my clients, is it in your plans to have children? Most have said yes. Single people have plans to get married, married people go for the first baby, and others are planning the second one. The arrival of a new family member should be planned, but even if it does not seem like it, the search for a larger space is not a priority. Many make home adaptations, but it is not the best long-term option. It is important that each family member has their own home space, for a better living and harmony within it. Our culture has led us to react when it is already a problem of space and living. Therefore, it leads to poor planning and the purchase of a house that does not adapt to our needs. I understand perfectly for the moment what you are going through. There is a plan that can help you. First, together with your partner you must make a list of family needs. A plan for the future according to the lifestyle of each member, children education, and closeness with family members. To make this plan better, I recommend you to talk with your friends who have lived this experience. Then, approach to a Real Estate Professional. At Coldwell Banker you will receive a personalized service. We want to know your long-term plans and the city areas that you like. To prepare the properties that solve all your needs and reduce stress. For example, we will propose properties that are within the area that you are interested, near the schools where your children will go and where you work. So you can reduce the time spent in traffic and take time advantage with your family. Our success stories support us, and we want you to find the dream home to build your family’s future. Rodrigo Martínez | Real Estate Expert Coldwell Banker México