Winning Habits

Rodrigo Martínez When was the last time you thought about your daily habits? If I asked you to describe them, could you be honest in writing them down and considering which ones currently benefit you? Making a review of our habits monthly allows us to select the ones that we should keep and the ones that we should change. I recommend that they be grouped into three categories, those that remain, those that we can change over a period of two weeks and those that must be changed immediately. The decision is yours; you have to take into account some considerations: • Is it part of my life plan? • Does it favor interaction with people in my day to day? • Is it hurting me? The last question is important to take action. The formula to replace one habit is to change it for another. To identify this new habit, you could record on your agenda the habits you practice daily. The spaces that occupy the habits you want to change can help you reflect on new ones. An excellent practice is to review the biographies of the people you admire. Surely, they have winning habits that you can adapt. Habits will be adjusted. Remember that an action takes 145 days to become a habit. Since you are taking action, do not give up and continue to improve your lifestyle. You will see it reflected improving relationships with friends and family, results in your work and improving trust in all your plans. Comment on our social media about your daily habits Follow us on Facebook & Instagram