Why is Mexico a great option of investment for foreigners ?

In terms of real estate, Mexico represents one of the best sectors to invest, thanks to competitive prices and excellent quality of its properties. The real estate sector in Mexico is internationally recognized, because despite what one might think, estimates projected by Euromonitor assert that in just 13 years there will be 3.8 million new homes in the country, which is driven by the growing middle class. Also, another point in favor that Mexico has is the maintenance rate of a property, since according to Margarita Sanclemente, CEO of San Clemente Group in the United States, she explains that unlike Mexico, which is 0.2%, in the United States It has an annual value of 1.8%. This variation of 1.6% is related to a financially changing market, where the value of the peso is closely related to the US dollar. On the subject – and outside of economic terms – another factor that influences the national profitability is the climate, because while nations like the United States go through great snowfall at the end of the year, in Mexico the tropical climate persists in some geographical points. , such as the Riviera Maya. Likewise, Mexico represents an internationally recognized cultural source: from its delicious dishes, to its tourist centers such as Teotihuacán, Tulum, Chichen Itza, Monte Albán, or the famous “Magical Towns” that stand out for their easy access and memorable landscapes. Another point that has weight in the choice of Mexico as a country to invest in real estate issues is the warmth with which the inhabitants count, since, as is known, the citizens of the country stand out for their kindness and friendship with foreigners. Living in Mexico not only represents an investment opportunity financially speaking, but also in the way of life, where the short stretches to reach points of attraction influence the decision of the investor, as well as the great climate and colonial areas that they still remain in the country. Having the house of your dreams in Mexico is simple through Coldwell Banker, since we have properties that you can rent or buy, which vary in sizes and tastes. Come to us Sources: El Financiero, Euromonitor Internacional, The Huffington Post. Síguenos en Facebook Instagram YouTube COLDWELL BANKER MÉXICO