The time has come to connect even more with your clients, do it remotely

Rodrigo Martínez The time has come to connect even more with your clients, do it remotely Just a quick check in to say thank you and to share news and resources. Thank you for pulling together and loving each other. Thank you for staying home and supporting the amazing healthcare providers and first responders who are exhausted, overworked, underfunded, and understaffed. Thank you to the mental health and addiction professionals who are holding space and walking us through so much fear and anxiety. And, to the professionals working in the area of domestic violence – we see you. Not everyone who has to stay at home is safe at home. This is a crisis inside a crisis. Thank you to the people who are making sure we can access food and other essentials. Thank you to the teachers who are building communities of connection online. Thank you for always showing up in a respectful, caring way with each other. We are a diverse group in every way imaginable – including our beliefs. Yet, we always manage to stay curious and kind. You give me hope about what’s possible. Technology has improved the way real estate agents manage their business and stay connected with their sphere, now more than ever. The ability to connect with clients remotely has allowed real estate agents to manage business and implement flexible work schedules. On the other side of that coin, technology has allowed home buyers and sellers to accommodate the trusted guidance of a real estate agent into their own busy lives and helped to facilitate the relocation process for many people. Useful in this time of social distancing, and beyond, here are four ways that real estate agents can stay connected with their clients from afar: The Ancient Art of Phone Calls Cell phones are the mighty tool for managing business! With other communications tools like texting, emails and social media, real estate agents may not turn to calls as often but should never fall out of the habit of making check-in calls to their sphere. It’s a way to be personal and strengthen relationships, but from afar – it also allows agents to gain meaningful and personalized feedback, questions and concerns. It’s one of the best ways to understand how clients may be feeling or remind past clients that their agents care to connect with them, directly. Get Creative on Social Media Very likely, the most dominant tool used for personal and business purposes is social media. Beyond its advertising capacity, it allows real estate agents to promote their businesses, market their listings, and serve as sources of information by quickly providing updates to their audiences. At its core, it’s a great way to interact with the world in versatile and creative ways, from hosting live Q&As to sending direct message. It’s also a great way for agents to increase and capitalize on the reach of their message. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram