The real estate revolution in Mexico

The revolution in Mexican developments consists of mixing and creating a multi-use space. Unlike in the past, where the developments were designed with a high specialization of offer, developments specialized in office spaces, residence and entertainment.

 The new trend is to have mixed spaces, where offices, entertainment and residence spaces can coexist. This trend occurs as it improves the transfer times from one space to another, optimizing time and polluting less. The idea is to minimize the need for transportation, to have everything that is needed nearby and to be able to coexist with the people who share the space. This type of development, is becoming a standard of the Mexican industry and proposes a new and modern way of life. This trend is becoming very fashionable, especially with the younger market as it is better suited to the tastes of young families, newly married couples and people with preferences for modern and innovative developments. Síguenos en Facebook Instagram YouTube COLDWELL BANKER MÉXICO