The real estate agent has a great social purpose

Rodrigo Martínez Last week I met several agents and directors of Coldwell Banker offices. We discover together that the objective of the real estate consultant has scope with a social dimension. A person looking for a new home links a property with moments that he wants to remember and live all the time. These moments represent personal development opportunities not only for the client, but for all people who are related to him. A family that moves me to a new community will provide a boost to the local economy. Schools for children, taxes, socialization with neighbors and neighborhood care. The advisor for his part not only promotes the property. Also, the establishments and shops that revolve around the lifestyle that will accompany the new inhabitants. The social impact of our role in a community is incredible. For example, in a department, we provide coexistence, maintenance and new ideas for a better life in the building. We also provide in our proportion the taxes for improvements in the community, as support for shops and restaurants that are around our area. Impressive as housing has a great social impact. Since the house is for sale, the marketing process to promote it and the new neighbor who will contribute his part to support his local economy. The task of the consultant must have better scope and find an end that can bring satisfaction to social dimensions. Comment on our social media Follow us on Facebook & Instagram