Stop renting and buy your dream house

You know that 2019 arrived and now it’s time to stop renting and buy your new house. Did you imagine your space with your dream furniture, the balcony with spectacular view, your pets waking you up or preparing dinner for your best friends.You can not achieve many of your dreams when you rent and you know that your friends who have bought are doing it right now. But just think about where to start, the crisis of home buying begins; and I know that it is the cause for you to leave the most important decision of your life for the following year. You ask yourself every day, how are others doing it and I have not been able to start? Do not be afraid, the process is much easier than you think. 80% of millennials consult real estate portals to start looking for a house (probably this way you found the house where you rent or share with roomies) It’s not a bad idea, but I can assure you that it will take you a long time. It’s hard between work, gym and social commitments, to find the time to look for the space that you have always wanted. As a priority in your life, you must invest enough time. A real estate professional should be the first step you should take and at Coldwell Banker we guide you so that this purchase becomes the best experience in 2019. What we want is for you to tell your friends the adventure of buying the house of your dreams. We guarantee the best experience through personalized attention, great market knowledge and experts in mortgage and notarial processes. Forget the fear of knowing to whom and in what state the property is when making a direct deal. As real estate professionals we assure you that all the properties are in order and ready to live on. We guide you step by step in all the procedures of purchase and which is the mortgage that suits you best. I am sure that you would never leave any of the most important purchases of your life in the hands of stangers, so come to any Coldwell Banker office and we will be waiting for you to begin the search for your heritage. Now, yes, your dream is one step away from being a reality. Now you will be part of the group of friends who began to have their own house. Do not forget to share your adventure, you never know if your best friend also wants to stop renting. Rodrigo Martínez | Síguenos en Facebook Instagram YouTube COLDWELL BANKER MÉXICO