Starting 2020 by fulfilling the plan and tactics to achieve the objectives

Rodrigo Martínez This first blog post of 2020 is dedicated to the directors, managers and advisors of Coldwell Banker Mexico. During November and December of 2019, 2020 planning was carried out taking into account the objectives, execution, incidents, achievements of last year. What kind of goals did you propose this year? Some want this year to reach the goal that could not be reached in 2019, on the other hand, some want to exceed it. Do you have the plan and tactics ready to achieve it? I propose that 2020 be the year of the teams. Working in a team must be a priority. Creating safe spaces for your team members is essential. Creating these spaces, communication and connection between all members will lead to valuable contributions. Among all the members they will contribute ideas and solutions to the situations that arise with the clients. We must remember that the results of each one, is the result of the whole team. Friend director, implements individual and team metrics. It promotes the integration and participation of each one. Without judging any comments and always be open to new ideas. 2020 must be an innovative year. With the great knowledge they have of their clients, they will be able to find tactics that can create new interesting experiences that their clients can call their attention. It is worth experimenting. Good strategies are results of tests, errors and constant corrections. Already have your 2020 plan ready? If you do not have it ready, take advantage of these first two weeks to prepare it with your team and start executing it as soon as possible. For the motivation of the team, it is important that the objectives of the first Q are met. This will give continuity to the successes until the end of 2020. Comment on our social media Follow us on Facebook & Instagram