Recruit as a Leopard

The real estate office in Mexico has found several challenges over the past 3 years. Among them are: New real estate brands that are occupying a large part of the market Technology and automation Trained staff Today’s office must master these last three points, or in about three more years it will be watching its doors close. The market will not look at them, since customers will look for the options that are most adopted to their emotions and lifestyle. That’s right, direct as it is, consumers do not care how big their business is, but how they can take away their pain and take it through an incredible experience. Remember that you are selling the most important asset in a person’s life. The differentiation and personalization of the service should be the main objective in this year. Sure they are thinking, “I call and send emails to my clients all the time.” This type of personalization has become boring. I’m sorry, the interests of the customers have changed and will continue to do so. I feel like I’m getting into trouble, but it’s reality. Only the best will survive and win. Change can not come from the outside in, on the contrary, inside out. Let’s start with your work team. Recruiting the right people is not “rocket science”. Patricia Rios, Training and Consulting Manager at Coldwell Banker Mexico identifies two types of recruiters. The snakes that only hunt when they are hungry and the leopards that are active and attentive to what is happening. I do not know about you, but I recommend that you change your mindset to leopard now. Leopards do not wait to find new staff when someone leaves, they always have a new talent portfolio ready to provide value in the service. The 2019 real estate office should be ready for all challenges and can only be achieved with a well-trained team with the skills that can make this difference. Maciej Kranz, director of Cisco in Barcelona recommends that all staff must be in constant training, since what has been learned is only valid for three years. While the new staff must support in transmitting the new ideas to the whole team. Now, I’m making you think. Do you want to start somewhere? start changing your mindset to leopard, evaluate your staff’s skills according to your goals and bring new talent that will value all your services. Síguenos en Facebook Instagram YouTube COLDWELL BANKER MÉXICO