Fibras Inmobiliarias


Alejandro Blé Maldonado I Marketing Manager In the country there are about 15 real estate Fibras dedicated to different sectors. In recent years, and due to the rise in certain markets, the financial investment market has become more sophisticated, as well as specialized, to allow different agents to reform their assets and try to provide greater risk coverage to them, since never you can be 100% sure of what will happen from one moment to the next. Therefore, it is important to have a varied portfolio. One option, which you have surely heard, is to invest in real estate. However, you should know that we are not referring to buying a house, land or industrial space, rather to Fibras. But have you heard the term? Next, at Coldwell Banker we tell you what they are and how they work: What are they? Infrastructure and Real Estate Trusts, better known in Mexico as Fibras, are investments in real estate through the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV); based on the American investment model REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust). The Fibras are used to obtain profits from the rental of real estate, such as commercial premises, offices, hotels, among others. In other words, they are a way to promote both local and foreign investment, always related to their profitability. These are run by companies that, through the participation of their partners and shareholders, raise enough capital to buy, build or remodel real estate projects. In addition, as they are listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange, they can offer their shareholders the issuance of Real Estate Fiduciary Stock Certificates (CBFIs). It should be noted that, since 2011, when the first Fibras entered the BMV, resources have been obtained for 148,842 million pesos (mp). In addition, there are around 15 real estate Fibras in the country dedicated to different sectors, such as industrial, manufacturing, offices, commerce, education and hotels, to name a few; although there are also mortgage trusts, infrastructure and energy, infrastructure. How do they work? The idea of ​​investing in Fibras is to allow people to buy shares in commercial real estate portfolios, something that was previously only available to those with high purchasing power, through large financial intermediaries. Due to the fact that the life of a real estate trust is 4 years (before the alienation of a property), there is this time to register new real estate to the portfolio, and then proceed through the different stages: • A Trust is established to manage the assets for rent. • The owner or owners of the properties add them to the portfolio in exchange for an economic consideration. • The trust places certificates of participation in the stock market, so that the investing public can participate in it; of the money raised is paid to the owners. • The trust is administered by experts in the real estate market, who are in charge of the maintenance, marketing and administration of the properties. • 95% of the annual profit obtained from the rental of the assets is distributed among the investors, while the owners receive their investment dividends, except in cases where they require CBFIS of other people’s properties. • When the investor requires liquidity, he uses his brokerage house to sell his participation in the trust. Now you know that, in the country, the Fibras are a sector in expansion of great importance, because in addition to being a powerful investment instrument, ideal for pension funds, they offer a current yield through the payment of dividends, backed by the existence real estate; an option that is certainly worth knowing and considering. ** Visit our site to learn more about our properties Also check out our blog for more articles About Coldwell Banker México: Master real estate franchise in Mexico, focused on creating leaders in the real estate brokerage sector. With independent operation offices that support and advise the interested party in the purchase, sale or rental of properties in Mexico. Follow us on Facebook Instagram YouTube Sources: