Our pets are the connection in our homes

Rodrigo Martínez In Memoriam to Benito, the best cat in the world and my best friend (2007 – 2019) Just yesterday Benito, my cat, my best friend left leaving me a great lesson: to value and know what it means to have a home rather than a just a house I am sure that many of you have a pet. A dog, a cat or any companion that makes your moments unforgettable. Millions of photos, videos, good and bad times, whatever you want to name, are always there. When we are in search of a new home, the first thing we think about is leaving our old house behind where we live great moments. We ask ourselves, will the same thing happen in a new house? The power of the moments comes into play. Start over, but together with our life partners they take us to start a new adventure. It doesn’t matter if you live with your family, as a couple or by your side, pets are the energy of unconditional love that convert any house into our new home in minutes. Subtly teach us lessons at all times and give us all the love they have to offer. At Coldwell Banker we are aware of the importance of pets in the construction of new homes. We support adoption programs. Because our goal is not to sell a house, it is to build moments that you can remember all your life in a new home. Today Benito is no longer with me, but he has left me a great lesson of unconditional love that I intend to apply all the time to celebrate his life. Please as soon as you finish reading, look for your pet, hug her and give her all the love they have. If you don’t have it, think about adopting and starting to form a new home. Comment on our social media Follow us on Facebook & Instagram Coldwell Banker México