Living with roomies?

Alma Morales Digital Media A few days ago, we celebrated friendship day in México, and talking about it, living with friends or roommates, can have many pros that make us choose to live like this, such as: 1) Saving money Sharing rent payments, and other housing expenses. This give you the opportunity to live in a better area or location, by making the rent affordable. 2)Mutual support Count on help. You can count on support from your roomies in case there’s any unforeseen event in your home and you can’t come at that moment, maybe they can support you. 3) Handing out tasks You can hand out household chores to have a healthy environment. 4) Socialize Your house will always have visits and people around, this works if you love to socialize. 5) Tour guides If you’re new to the city, having roomies will help you discover the city or area, and also to know the customs and culture of the place. However, we must also consider the Cons. 1) Late payments and hygiene. If you didn’t make the right roommate selection, it may happen, your roommate doesn’t pay its share of the rent on time or doesn’t have the same hygiene habits as you. 2) Security Both have to adapt to your own habits, and make sure to take care of the same interests for example be sure to lock the door, turn off the stove or iron or closing the water taps. 3) Privacy You may have a lack of privacy, if you need to study for a test or get some sleep because your schedule is different from your roomies schedule. They may be partying at times that don’t match yours. 4) Space When distributing the expenses it is also necessary to distribute the space, sometimes each person has their own room and they share the living room, kitchen, bathroom and the garden. But sometimes it would be great to have more space available. Remember, if you’re looking for an apartment or house to live with your friends or roommates you can find it with us. If you think that you’re not ready yet to live with roommates, we also have apartments and houses for you to achieve your independence, don’t forget to leave us your comments and see you in the next blog. Visit us and follow us on Facebook Instagram You Tube