Let’s close 2019 in September

Rodrigo Martínez I love this phrase, “Let’s be proactive and not reactive.” The planning your time and of objectives for next year is essential from September. Because in December you will put into action all the activities to start January with all the effort. What I mean is that December is the new January. Before starting the 2020 plan, an evaluation of 2019 is essential. You can ask yourself the following questions: • Did you meet the goals of 2019? If you met 70% of them, the answer can be considered as good. • What favorable changes did you apply and what results did you get? • What were your lessons during the year and how are you applying them? • What was your conversion cup? I recommend that these answers can be consulted with your work team. Call a meeting where your entire team can participate in these answers. The rules of this meeting are as follows: • No cell phones • There are not right or wrong answers • It is a growth meeting and not to judge The do’s and dont’s are the necessary limits for this meeting to be fully proactive and then another can be applied to the ideas of the next 2020 plan. Patricia Ríos, training and consulting manager at Coldwell Banker Mexico recommends the following to start 2020: 1. There are a little more than 115 days left until the end of this 2019. Generate 1 appointment daily, this guarantees you 100 appointments before the end of 2019. 2. Define a crucially important goal for December 2019 and Establish very short action plans to achieve them, respond and schedule “WHAT WILL YOU DO DURING THE NEXT 48 HRS?” and each day schedule the next 48 hours. 3. Have your 2020 business plan ready in October, this will allow you to start working on it from November so that you have a successful closure and a great start. 4. Define what are the 3 new habits that you are going to adopt before the end of the year, remember that it must be a habit that helps you in your business, one that helps you physically and one that helps you mentally. 5. Thanks. Grateful people sleep better and feel better when they wake up. Stress hormones such as cortisol are 23% lower in grateful people. Comment on our social media about your routine to generate good results in 2020 Follow us on Facebook & Instagram