It’s time to find your own place!

“This year I leave my parents’ house.”, you wish for that at new year’s eve, but January is almost gone and you do not have a date to start planning it. You will find thousands of articles on the web with millions of tips. But I will guide you through the real estate process so that the experience does not become hurtful and turns into an adventure. It is a good idea to start looking for a department on real estate websites to get to know the market. But first, think if you want to buy or rent. I propose the following. Starting a housing project in the 20s is the best option to buy your first house or apartment. The most likely is not in the area that you want, but gives you the confidence to start having an investment that you can change in a few years. A Real Estate Professional can guide you step by step according to your income and your lifestyle. Involve your family, as they can support you financially in this process. I recommend you start when the relationship with your parents is firmer. In a projection, at your 20s you will be finishing paying your first house and at your 30s you will be renewing the first one to start looking for a second one as an investment. While you work and travel the world, you are building your future to never worry about your retirement. Set an example to your friends, start the most important project of your life and start investing in Real Estate. Rodrigo Martínez | Síguenos en Facebook Instagram YouTube COLDWELL BANKER MÉXICO