How green is the real estate sector?

Rodrigo Martínez The green is given by the city, not a small saving bulb … The green is given by the location, the quality of the space and the public transport, the mobility policies and an integrally sustainable vision that paints the new green, but also turning to give as many paint hands as necessary, to also leave everything green well space that was already part of the city, with special emphasis on those areas that have the greatest lags. We have reached a turning point where it is no longer a matter of privileging the green or taking it as a fad or a pretty badge. It is about the fact that we are in the middle of a climate crisis and it is better for us to add visions, policies, regulations and actions, to form a common front, which allows us to reverse the deterioration of our environment. We will have to wait for the State to coordinate these efforts, but as conditions, instruments and actions are generated, it is well worth analyzing the ways in which real estate development affects the environmental agenda. Of course, the first point has to do with the structure of the city and with the locations that the urban project allocates to real estate development, but we must also consider financial factors such as the origin and destination of capital and financing (both for developer, as for the end user), as well as the production models of urbanization and real estate development, with special attention to housing. The fact is that cities are a major focus of pollution, but they can also be the best path to the global challenge of addressing the climate crisis. We must plan, allocate public resources, legislate and promote sustainable schemes to transform the traditional models with which cities have been built. It is necessary to understand and review issues such as the carbon footprints of the house and all inputs related to its construction, considering from the selection of raw material, production, transport, maintenance and eventual recycling. The challenges are in the cities … The solutions must be in the cities … That is the challenge, to bet on an integrally sustainable real estate industry, as part of a production model that goes in the same direction. Comment on our social media Follow us on Facebook & Instagram