Alejandro Blé Maldonado Marketing Manager Coldwell Banker Mexico We are facing a double crisis right now … not just the current health crisis, but a serious inventory crisis in many markets. But in order to improve this situation there is one step you can take to help you overcome both at once … and all while setting yourself apart from the competition. YOUR SECURITY PROTOCOL COVID-19 How to create your security protocol. By creating and distributing your own brand security protocols that clearly demonstrate your ability to help people move forward with buying or selling property, in a secure environment, right now. This will not only help reassure potential customers, but it is an opportunity to show your leadership in technology and actions that demonstrate that you are a true innovator in the market. KNOW AND DOWNLOAD THE COLDWELL BANKER MEXICO SECURITY PROTOCOL These are some examples of topics that you should address: 1. It begins with the description of the situation

 Communicate how you and your organization are aware of the situation and are taking all appropriate measures. 2. Continue with the basic security of COVID-19

 Describe how you stay at least a meter and a half away from people at all times, how you provide masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to whoever you want and at all times, etc. Many consultants are committed to cleaning the surfaces that are touched inside a property. to ensure cleanliness for all involved. 3. Inquiries from buyers and sellers

 Show how you have adopted Zoom or other video conferencing technology to “go virtual” and provide a whole new option to start the process. Through this technology you can make your virtual listing presentation, virtual tours or even do a live open house. 4. Photography and video

 Describe what precautions your photographer or videographer, contractors, etc. are taking, such as entering only when the house is empty and wearing personal protective equipment and not touching anything. Arrive only by vehicle and how to make the virtual tour video and how long it would take you to eventually open house. 5. Presentations to virtual buyers

 Show your creativity and innovation in how you can “virtually” guide people through their homes, whether through videos, virtual tours or other technological solutions such as with 360º cameras. 6. In-person demonstrations

 Both sellers and buyers will be interested in knowing how to proceed with in-person tours. Set your guidelines for strict prequalification to ensure that the person allowed inside a property is a serious buyer. It also describes all the precautions you will take during the presentation. You may want to create different parameters depending on whether the house is occupied or empty. 7. Closing day

 It shows how electronic documents simplify the process and provide a “contactless” experience. Use tools like digital signatures or document shipments to sign at no cost. In addition to creating a digital presentation in different versions sized for social networks so that they can share it to different audiences. You can also print some copies for clients who are willing to meet in person. And the last step in the process … spread the word! Promote your service and security process. This may have a short lifespan, so use it! We all hope that things will return to “normal” again sometime in the near future or at least a “new normal”, which means NOW is the time to attack this idea. Once you complete your own version of the process, it’s time to get it to everyone you know. Don’t wait for people to ask for it. Be proactive and spread the word. Meaning: 

Email it to your database 

Mail it directly to your geographic farm (perhaps all on a large postcard) 

Post to ALL of your social media – on certain fast-moving platforms like Twitter, do this repeatedly! 

Promote it in another type of marketing you do. 

I also recommend that you encourage people to call you with any questions or to discuss further. 

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