Ya sea que estés buscando una "casa en venta" o un "departamento en venta", es importante realizar una investigación exhaustiva sobre las tendencias actuales del mercado, las ubicaciones más cotizadas y los rangos de precios.


Alejandro Blé Maldonado I Marketing Manager Buying a home in Mexico is one of the main goals that many set for themselves, but it becomes a priority when starting family life, and it is important to make an evaluation of your finances before venturing into a commitment of this magnitude. An excellent option to make your home is the Infonavit. The Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) is, in short, money that is taken from the salary of workers by their employers to enter it into the Fund. This serves to create a capital that allows to grant credits to employees. Since 1997, the money that the employer puts in remains as a savings that you can recover after 65 years, if you never used it. This credit can be used for: buying a new or used home, paying a mortgage, remodeling, building or repairing a home. If you are interested in the procedure, these are the basic requirements: • Be affiliated with the IMSS. • Have a working relationship, that is, you are working formally. • Meet the required score. 1080 points (obtained with three bi-months of continuous contribution). To start obtaining this benefit, it is important that you access to micuenta.infonavit.org.mx/, create an account if you don’t have one, and voila … you will be able to know your points and the prequalification to obtain the credit, and you can also know if you are prequalified if You enter precalificaciones.infonavit.org.mx/ and fill in the required fields, and you will know if you are ready to obtain it. You will ask yourself, why does it suit me? Beyond the interest rates differentiated by salary level, employer contributions, discounts for early settlement, you can add the credit of your spouse to get more financing or add that of a relative or with whom you live. It must be borne in mind that each loan and is a different situation, however the key points to define the amount to be granted are the age and the salary of the IMSS, so it will be necessary that you consult your situation directly with the Infonavit so that you have more and better information. With all of the above, the only thing you have left is to analyze your financial situation, so that you have the certainty of what you can pay per month and do not end up snapping your fingers because you cannot solve that commitment, but also, you can go to the experts of Coldwell Banker México, that they will gladly guide you with everything related to acquiring your new home. *** Visit our site to learn more about our properties Also check our blog for more articles About Coldwell Banker México: Master real estate franchise in Mexico, focused on creating leaders in the real estate brokerage sector. With independent operation offices that support and advise the interested party in the purchase, sale or rental of properties in Mexico. https://www.coldwellbanker.com.mx/ Follow us on Facebook Instagram YouTube References: https://portalmx.infonavit.org.mx/ https://precalificaciones.infonavit.org.mx/ https://micuenta.infonavit.org.mx/ https://www.elfinanciero.com.mx/mis-finanzas/2021/07/03/infonavit-como-puedo-alcanzar-los-1080-puntos-para-acceder-a-un-credito/