Decoración de hogar


Decorating your home should not be a task where you invest a lot of time and money. Saving and reusing play an important role in this task. More than a roof over our head, a house is a reflection of our personality, and a way of transmitting to those who visit us a little more of us, because in the same way that a change of image renews us, transforming it through decoration also implies great benefits. And it is that interior decoration goes beyond aesthetic pleasure, because design could help improve your mood, reduce blood pressure and even reduce the risk of developing degenerative neurological disorders, or is there something better than return to our abode after a long day and enjoy it? So, if you are looking to regenerate good energy and feel in harmony, at Coldwell Banker Mexico we offer you some benefits that you could obtain if you put fear aside and start exploring, combining and trying out the decoration in your home.

• Create pleasant spaces: choose a new color for the walls, preferably in light tones: white, blue, green, yellow, beige, sand or grey; It will help you to make the spaces have more light, be pleasant and appear larger than they really are.

• Use plants to improve your health: we know that sometimes it is difficult to be the lady or the lord of the plants, but remember that there are several that need little care and will help your health by creating a relaxed environment, purifying the air and reducing the feeling of fatigue. In addition, it will give life to your home.

• Lead an orderly and calm life: every corner of your home can become a cozy space, in which a family atmosphere that transmits warmth and tranquility is perceived. If the furniture is in accordance with the space that is available, and if it has a symmetrical distribution, and it is tidy, it will be visually more spacious. Mirrors can help with the latter, by placing them in a focal point where they reflect light, as they will provide an illusion of depth and added illumination.

• Elevate your joy and creativity: furnishing and decorating your home will get you to imagine and create, which will trigger endorphins and increase your joy. Also, this should not be a task where you invest a lot. When something is wanted, ingenuity develops in an amazing way to get it. Saving and reusing will play an important role in this task. To do this, you can recondition the furniture you have, or rely on tutorials to make your own decorations with materials that you have in your home. Remember that crafts help you de-stress. If you already have the property to start your new independent life or with your partner and family, and now you know some benefits for which you should decorate or design it, what are you waiting for to look for ideas and get down to work? You will see that it will be a wise decision. And, if you manage to hire a professional on the subject, remember to clearly express your wishes and ideas so that the results are favorable. Getting out of our comfort zone is sometimes complicated, but being surrounded by an environment that provides a feeling of well-being, and that directly affects our state of mind, will always be a satisfaction worth materializing.

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