Attention is the Resource Most Valued by the Economy

First oil, then information and now attention is focused on economists and marketing experts. Now we live in what I call the attention economy. What does that mean? It means that every company, marketer, news agent and politician wants your attention. And here is the thing. Because of your cell phone, they have access to you 24/7. When you pay attention, they earn money. And by understanding psychology and content theory, they know how to get your attention, activating your emotions. Your attention is your most valuable resource. It has never been more important to protect it than now. Here we show you how to focus your attention on what matters in a world that will do anything to get it. There is a principle in economics that is at the heart of how the entire economy works: scarcity. Scarcity is the simple concept of something that is in short supply. It is the idea that there is not enough supply of any resource to meet the demand for that resource. Brands and marketing experts face this shortage when they seek the attention of audiences. But they are in constant competition with thousands of other brands and experts. In recent years, the explosion of information within our reach has led to the final battle for attention. There are a lot of attention demands that didn’t exist before: advertisers want your attention before watching the next video on YouTube; your friends want your attention on SnapChat, Facebook and Whatsaap; and your friends and all the marketing professionals who want your attention in your inbox. In this tough competition, as real estate advisors we must create and promote quality content. Content valued by our customers to help them solve their problems and pain. The first 3 seconds of any video or the first paragraph of a blog should be interesting enough for the user to invest a couple more minutes in the content. Recent studies of the “Content Strategy Forum” indicate that users are exposed to more than 5,000 daily content in a day. That is why it is important to direct the content to our buyer people in a very specific way. Perform our guidelines with a very good segmentation to attract the required audience that can enter our Pipeline and become future customers. Síguenos en Facebook Instagram YouTube COLDWELL BANKER MÉXICO