Are you moving and are you short of money? The last three tips to start saving

These last three ideas are also from Christy Matte for Coldwell Banker United States Remember the first three tips: switch to an all-inclusive package for your cell phone, internet and cable service; optimize decoration costs and cut luxuries. It seems difficult right? But you don’t have to use all the tips at the same time. Start by using the best three in which you can tell a difference in your bank account. Energy saving Monthly services can empty your pocket. Making some small adjustments you can notice a saving. For example: • Turn off the lights and disconnect everything when you’re not using it. • Set the temperature of your home throughout the day. • Use the water you only require. • Look for alternative energy, such as solar panels. Buy smartly When you don’t have a monthly budget, there are expenses that you can identify as the cash leak. For example: • Use discount coupons or take advantage of temporary promotions. • Take your time and look for the best deals. • If the brand is not the difference, look for generics. Borrow things you don’t use daily I understand that stores can take you to buy everything you don’t need. Rent the things you will only use for a moment, not only will you save money, but also space. For example: • Use your local library or an online book subscription. • All the equipment you need to make any repairs, you can borrow it from a neighbor or friends. There are other tips that can help you save without sacrificing the things you really like. You just have to make small adjustments and start applying them to your daily life. Now if you already have the best advice that I have personally applied. Comment on our social networks about what other tips you could share to save money. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram