Are you moving and are you short of money? 6 tips to reduce expenses

Rodrigo Martínez Some ideas from this blog are from Christy Matte’s post for Coldwell Banker United States Moving to a new home brings the promise of a new beginning and new experiences, but we always receive financial challenges. Costs such as rent, mortgage, moving services and buying new furniture can become excessive. Cost reduction should not be painful. These ideas will help you go from spending to saving in a short time. Switch to an all-inclusive package: cell phone, Internet and cable If you are already in a new home, it is also time to change to a new service provider. Compare the prices, in the case of the mobile plan, look for one that suits you without paying extras that you don’t want. You can also save by combining it with your Internet and cable service. Optimize decoration expenses Before you move, you are probably imagining the new carpet in the living room, the new color on the walls of your bedroom and dining room. However, you are short of money and it is time for improvement. Start by putting all your ideas on your Pinterest board and after the budget. Leave money in the account for any incident and go placing something new in the decoration on a monthly basis. First you must make a list with the addresses. For example, all the things that have the greatest impact, comfort and mood. Allow yourself to save so you can add something new every month. Change your findings if an item is on sale. Trim the luxuries Safe in your old home, your life was full of luxuries. You used to have dinner every day in restaurants, lately too expensive or weekly spa services. First you must make a list of these expenses and then try to reduce them. Some tips to reduce these costs: • Look for innovative and easy to prepare recipes. Cooking accompanied in your new kitchen is a lot of fun. Involve your family and friends. • You can use candles and music to set the mood and create a personal spa space. Try bubble baths in the tub, a mask, meditation or reading space. • Invite your friends to watch a movie and save a lot in cinema. For more advice, check out the blog next week. Comment on our social networks about what advice you can give to save when you are moving. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram