Alejandro Blé Maldonado Marketing Manager Social isolation has generated a controversy in the demand for many services, especially in real estate, despite the slowdown in property purchase decisions, it has also witnessed that their intention has not stopped, on the contrary, it is increase. For the same reason you must arm yourself to face new changes and be one step ahead of the competition, manage to generate more with these strategies: 1. Webinars. You can offer a talk, training, course, seminar, or workshop in video conference format that is delivered online live or previously recorded. Through platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet you can share a presentation and interact with your participants. 2. Video Tutorials. For those who want to invest in your services or for those who are considering it, it is very useful to meet you in person, to know that you are an expert on the subject or to see all your services at first glance. In this way you generate greater reliability. Themes may vary such as more entertainment combined with business, market data and personal branding. 3. Blog. It is your best option to promote valuable content about your services and your successes. It is important to keep it updated so it is recommended to generate a calendar and thus plan the topics that you must address and share with your audience. Support free downloadable content such as templates, documents, guides, ebook, etc. Which will allow you to have more interaction and generate more qualified leads. 4. Podcast. Just like webinars, podcasts are audio or video posts, and can usually be downloaded or listened to directly on platforms like Spotify Apple or Google through a tool like Anchor https://anchor.fm/ which allows you to create Podcasts, its function is to keep your audience informed about market trends. Download our free template to create social media content for your marketing strategy Síguenos en Facebook Instagram YouTube COLDWELL BANKER MÉXICO