4 factors that devalue your home

Alma Morales Digital Media If you are thinking of selling your home there are a number of factors to consider regarding the resale value of your property. July is over and with it the summer sales and it’s exciting to find a discounted product, what’s not exciting is to see the value of your home decreasing. Today we’ll talk about 4 things that can devalue your property. 1) Wear and tear. There is certain amount of deterioration that is expected to occur as property ages, so if we notice that damage occurs and we let it pass, it may be that over time that damage cause a greater repair than if we had taken care of it at the moment. 2) Gas stations. Although there are regulations that indicate the distance to which a gas station should be from other construction, living near a facility like this is a potential risk of accidents. It may reduce the value of your property since many people will be ‘put off’ by the fuel station, there is inevitably a reduced demand for the property at point of sale, so price is likely to be impacted. 3) Location When buyers are looking for a new property one of their main motivations can be the location of the home for three reasons: -Closeness to their workplaces. -Closeness to their children’s schools. -Safety for their family. The fact that there is little transport or lack of communication routes will make it difficult to move. If the property is located in a area that doesn´t provide access to services and transportation, it may affect the the value of your home Now what can we do to compensate for these factors? 1) Preventive maintenance. You can paint your property every two or three years, waterproof your roof. Check that the electrical and hydraulic installation are in good condition avoiding moisture, and also keep in good condition the bathroom and kitchen furniture. By taking care of these details your home will be kept in good condition. 2) Facade Pay attention to the facade of your house, as it is the first image observed by potential buyers. If the facade looks sloppy and in poor condition, people will assume that the inside will look the same. 3) Get advice As for gas stations, not everything is lost, even if it seems so, for some people having a gas station nearby, can be useful for them to fill their gas tank preventing them from traveling further. At Coldwell Banker we can find the ideal client for your property, our real estate agents will advise you on what to do to improve the chances of selling your property. Enter our website to find the closest office to your home and contact a real estate agent, you can also comment on our social networks. Follow Us on Facebook Instagram You Tube