3 Frequently asked questions when selling your home

1) How do I place an ad for the sale of my house? There’s the traditional way, which is to put a “For Sale” ad outside the property you want to sell. And the other is the digital way, which reaches many more people who are making a specific search for real estate, that is, buyers who are interested in buying a house or apartment. The third, fastest and most reliable way is to contact a real estate consultant who will be in charge of advertising your property, apart from these two ways that I just mentioned, with his portfolio of clients and contacts to ensure that your property will be seen by a lot of people.

2) How to put my house for sale on the Internet? To do this you have to register an account in a real estate advertising portal. Once registered, you can upload photos and / or videos of your property to sell and the necessary information: location, price, what forms of payment you accept or if you accept credit and put all the characteristics of the property, how many bedrooms has your house or apartment, bathrooms, square meters, parking, how many floors is or what level is located and what interests many buyers, the amenities; garden, patio, terrace, bar, pool, jacuzzi. Very important, where do you want the interested parties to contact you? By mail, phone or through the real estate portal itself? Remember to be aware of the messages you receive via the real estate portal or if you put a contact phone number or email, check if you received requests from all the people who are interested in your property. Download here the checklist to advertise your house on line.

3) What can I do to sell my house fast? They say that love sometimes is at first sight, so dedicate time and attention to the photos of your property, if you can upload a video much better for potential buyers to get a more accurate idea of the space. Describe the important characteristics of your property, if you were going to buy a house what would be the first thing you would take into account? Location, square footage and price. Define a price that is neither too high nor too low, for this you can help you with real estate consultants who will guide you throughout the process of selling your property. The price at which you put your property for sale influences how fast your property sells, some properties that have a very high selling price can go unsold for years. Another factor that can help is to be flexible with the method of payment, do you accept bank loans or Infonavit credit, or do you want to be paid in cash? That can be a drawback for many buyers. As you can see there are several factors that influence whether a property sells quickly or not, that is why you can try real estate consulting. Síguenos en Facebook Instagram YouTube COLDWELL BANKER MÉXICO